Greek Language School





    The Greek Language School's aim is not only to teach children of Greek and non-Greek ancestry Greek as a second or foreign language but to familiarize them with aspects of the Greek culture.


    1. To inspire and sustain student interest in preserving, appreciating and furthering the Greek history, heritage, religion and tradition.

    1. To provide students with the skills to communicate verbally and in writing, in everyday situations. This will include the ability to express feelings and thoughts and to comprehend a variety of modern Greek texts.

    1. To create a connection between the Greek and Canadian cultures.

    2. To provide students with a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where language learning gives them an opportunity to interact with other children of Greek parentage and ancestry. Language and civilization are strictly connected to benefit students with a well-rounded curriculum.

    One language sets you in a corridor for life.
    Two languages open every door along the way.”

    Frank Smith

    Paideia Program

    We are using a new program called Paideia with new books. Paideia is a complete education program that integrates the teaching of language and culture in a proficiency-based model. This innovative, unique and comprehensive program provides a supportive and collaborative learning environment, in which students can develop and expand their Greek language and cultural horizons. Teachers can also request additional resources from the University of Western Macedonia, Greece.


     Gabriel Nicolaides

     BOD Chair of GLS Program / GLS Program Director

     Costa Koutroulakis

     GLS Program Development Assistant (Marketing & IT Support)

     Betsy Polihronis 

     GLS Program Coordinator

     Corina Psarrou-Rae 

     Teacher - Kindergarten Level and Grade 1

     Penelope Apostolos 

     Teacher - Primary Level (Grades 2-3)

     Ioanna Koutroulakis 

     Teacher - Senior Level (Grades 4-6)


    School Times and Dates

    • Greek School meets every Wednesday from 5-7 p.m.
    • It is very important that students arrive promptly so that class can begin as scheduled.
    • Parents are responsible for picking up students promptly.

    Computer Lab

    We have a computer lab that students can use on a rotational basis to practice the language using interactive exercises and assisted by a teacher. The websites were provided by the Greek Ministry of Education in Toronto.

    List of Yiortes

    • Observance of The Three Hierarchs (Church Service)
    • March 25th ("25 Martiou") Greek Independence Day - Flag Raising at City Hall
    • "OXI Day" – October 28th Remembrance Observance
    • GLS Christmas Yiorti
    • Graduation/Yiorti and Volunteer Appreciation

    Annual Events

    • The students go before Christmas to Ina Grafton Retirement Home and sing Christmas carols in Greek and English to the residents.
    • Christmas Party at the Delphi Hall in Niagara Falls with proceeds going to youth activities compliments of Mr. Chris Rigas.

    Parents' Committee

    The involvement of parents in the Greek Language School is very important. If you have a special talent, area of expertise or would like to assist the teachers with planning for extra curricular activities, fund raising and yiortes, please contact us on how you wish to contribute to our program.

    Parent volunteer forms are available at the Administrative Office or

    Click here for printable PDF of Parent Volunteer Form

    Click here for printable PDF of GREEK LANGUAGE SCHOOL Policy Handbook 

    It is our hope and expectation that our parishioners continue their active support and improvement of the Greek School program. Parents are strongly encouraged to register their children in this very important educational program of our community. Give your children the timeless gift of the Greek language and our Greek Orthodox traditions and culture.


    For more information on the Greek Language School Program please

    contact the Greek Community of Niagara:  GCN Admin. office @ 905-685-3028